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Z Clubs
Golden Z & Z
Scholarships and Bursaries

Each year, Zonta of Kowloon gives 1 scholarship of $6000 as well as 2 bursaries of $5000 to LingnanU Golden Z students and likewise to PolyU Golden Z students for their good academic achievements and/or impressive performances in voluntary services.

On 11 April 2016 at Lingnan University Dr YC Choy, Chairman of Golden Z Committee, presented the scholarship from Zonta Club of Kowloon to the LingnanU Golden Z awardee Lam Wing Yee studying Social and Public Policy Studies. On 18 April 2016, Dr YC Choy attended and received the Certificate of Appreciation at the Appreciation Reception for Scholarship & Bursary Donors held by Polytechnic University to thank donors for providing financial assistance and supporting student activities.

Dr YC Choy (Area 2 Director) and Julia Chan (Chair, Golden Z Club) attended the Awards Presentation Ceremony held at Lingnan University on 24 April 2017. The Zonta Club of Kowloon Scholarship was presented to Ms Choi San Ching, an excellent student both in academic performance and community services and the Most Distinguished Student of the University for the year.

Zonta Club of Kowloon was officially acknowledged and thanked for our contribution to the University Foundation via the PolyU Golden Z Club establishment and financial as well as training support.

Golden Z Clubs


Motto: Future Leaders Building A Better World Today Through Service and Advocacy

Zonta Club of Kowloon has established Golden Z Clubs in universities and Z Clubs in secondary schools. Through scholarships and youth development programmes, students are provided increased access to education, vocational and leadership training. They are encouraged to participate in school, community, international service projects and join the growing global student movement to pursue gender equality and empowerment of women worldwide, and to build a better World of Tomorrow.

Golden Z Clubs
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Lingnan University

Z Clubs
  • Belilios Public School
  • Maryknoll Convent School
  • Marymount Secondary School
  • Pui Ching College
  • Queen Elizabeth School
  • QESOSA Tong Kwok Wah Secondary School

Zonta Club of Kowloon offers one scholarship and two bursaries annually to Golden Z Club members of Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Lingnan University. Eligibility criteria include academic excellence, participation in community service and Golden Z Club membership. A Certificate of Appreciation was presented by Lingnan University to recognize Zonta Club of Kowloon’s generous support of the University in 2015

Area Director Winnie Wong presents the Jane Klausman Scholarship to District 17 winner, Lau Suet Ying of HK Polytechnic University who was nominated by Zonta Club of Kowloon

Installation of Golden Z Clubs 2018/2019

Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Installation Ceremony

Lingnan University
2nd Feb 2016
Nang Yan College Webinar

Golden Z Committee visited Hong Kong Nang Yan College of Higher Education on 19.6.2021. Zn Y C Choy conducted the webinar to present Zonta and the Golden Z Club. 5 Committee members and 4 Poly U GZ members attended the meeting and shared their experience. 2 staffs and 2 students from Nang Yan attended the meeting in person and 60 students attended via Zoom.

Lunch Gathering with Poly U Golden Z Club

A fellowship lunch gathering with Poly U Golden Z Club Board Members was organised by Zn YC Choy on 22 May 2021 at Shanghai Min.
Six Committee members and four Golden Z members joined the lunch.

Z Clubs

Z Club Committee

Cheque Presentation to Z Club YWPA Club Awardee Charlotte Wong was held after the AGM on 25 May 2021.
Installation of Z Clubs 2018/2019

Belilios Public School Z Club Board Installation Ceremony
15 October 2018

Maryknoll Convent School

Maryknoll Convent School
5 November 2018

Marymount Secondary School
17 November 2018

Pui Ching Middle School

Pui Ching Middle School
16 October 2018

Queen Elizabeth School
9 November 2018

Queen Elizabeth School
Old Students' Association
Tong Kwok Wah Secondary School
3 February 2018


14 April 2018 - Mock LegCo debate of Z Club

3 February 2018 - Leadership Training Program for Golden Z/Z/ New Members on 3 February 2018

YC Choy, Julia Chan and Irene Ho in collaboration with Vivian Sun gave a one-day training for Golden Z clubs in Hong Kong on 3 February 2018 at the HK Polytechnic University.

14 December 2017 - Pui Ching Z Club Charity Sale on 14 and 15 December 2017

The Pui Ching Z Club held a charity sale of 椰汁馬豆糕 on 14 and 15 Dec. 2017 in Pui Ching Middle School from which the proceeds was donated to a charitable organization.
18 November 2017 Legco Mock Debate for Golden Z clubs

13 PolyU Golden Z club members and 4 LU members joined. PolyU members won the Best Performer Award and the Most Popular Award. Congratulations to PolyU Golden Z Club.
22 April 2017 Legco Mock Debates for Z Clubs

On 22 April 2017, Legco Mock Debate joined by 9 Z clubs, including two students of QES OSA.

January 2017 - Lingnan University Golden Z Club Service trip to Nantou, Taiwan

Lingnan University Golden Z Club collaborated with Chinese University of Hong Kong Golden Z Club to organize a 7-day service trip to Nantou, Taiwan. Through voluntary work and cultural exchange, participants gained unique experience and better understanding of the Taiwanese elderly and aborigines, the Seediq Tribe. This project fulfilled the objectives of Lingnan University Golden Z Club in helping the disadvantaged as well as the goal of Zonta international in serving the needy and contributing to society.
29 December 2016 - Z Clubs' Visit to Kowloon Hospital

December 2016 - HK Polytechnic University Golden Z Club Qingyuan Service Trip Project

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Golden Z Club organised a 4-day service trip to Sunbeam Children's Village in Qingyuan, Guangdong, China, an NGO-sponsored home for orphans and other disadvantaged youths. This service program aimed to help young women and men to gain knowledge, get acquainted with the world outside and broaden their horizon. It also promoted gender equality and advancement of women, empowering them to become future leaders. Through these experiences, the students gained a deeper understanding of the living conditions and education of children in rural China.

16 November 2016 Legco Mock Debate for Golden Z Clubs

The annual Mock LegCo Debate for Golden Z Clubs was held on 19 November 2016 immediatley after guided tour and briefing. The debate topic was "Sales & Services Tax Bill". 33 students from 5 universities participated and, through role play, learned about the law making process in Hong Kong. Lingnan University student, Siu Chui Ping, won the Best Performer Award and Hong Kong Polytechnic University student, Wen Huiyang, won the Most Popular Award.
Joint Career Makeup Workshop on 11 November 2016

A Joint Career Makeup Workshop was held on 11 November 2016 at Lingnan University, organized by Lingnan University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University Golden Z Clubs joinitly. With hands-on experience, students learned the basics of skin care and how to apply natural interview-appropriate makeup. We were thankful to Zontian Cecilia Kuk and Ms Meegan Seak, Creative Makeup Director of Bridal Corner, for giving demonstrations cum offering tips and advice.

29 October 2016 Joint Interview Success Workshop
This is a joint effort of the Golden Z Clubs of Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Lingnan University, held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University campus. This workshop aimed at providing mock interview opportunities, tips and techniques to help polish students' interview skills. Through workplace insights from Zontian dignitaries and successful professional women from different walks of life, the workshop also advocated for gender equality and advancement of women in the workplace.
29 October 2016
Zontian Julia Chan organized a half day mock interview for the golden Z members of Lingnan and Polytechnic U at Poly U campus on 29 Oct 2016. The mock interview had three concurrent sessions of various types of industry including Finance/ Insurance, Hospitality/hotel and Healthcare service. Zontian Irene Ho gave an insightful presentation to the students of career opportunities in Healthcare and how to make successful applications.
16 April 2016 Legco Mock Debates

9 April 2016
Career Talks (with 4 different workshops) were successfully carried out at PolyU which were started by an opening speech from Ms Miriam Lau as the guest speaker. The event was further graced by presence of Ms Pauline Ng, Ms Eva Cheng and Dean of Students Professor Keith Chan as plenary speakers. 65 students attended. After the speeches, the 4 workshops brought students and speakers close together. . The 4 workshops on different aspects (i.e. medical/social related. architectural/surveying/engineering, insurance/financial planning/public accounting/banking, alternate careers) could not have been possible without the kind help of 20 speakers.
31 March 2016
Z club members greatly enjoyed the hospital visit on 31 March 2016



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