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1. Submission to HKSAR government for consultation paper on image based sexual offences.
Advocating for legal reforms on sexual offences is a challenging assignment in Hong Kong. The current laws have been in place for more than 60 years,and are in urgent need for reform.

Zonta Club of Kowloon made our submission to HK government’s consultation paper on "Proposed Introduction of Offences on Voyeurism, Intimate Prying, Non-consensual Photography of Intimate Parts and Related Offences" in October 2020. Under a joint effort of the Advocacy Committee and Legal Committee, members agreed to advocate the following:
  • Offenders should be prosecuted irrespective of their motives.
  • For non-consensual photography of intimate parts, both "up skirting" & "down blousing" should be included.
  • Offenders should not be allowed to argue on ground of reasonable excuse, as this would create ambiguity to escape conviction.
  • The victims' consent would be required for the distribution of images of intimate acts.
  • Once prosecuted, details of the offenders should be included in the "Sexual Conviction Record Check Scheme". This would enable employers to check whether eligible employees have any criminal records of sexual offences for the protection of vulnerable people.

2. Inclusion of 'Urging for Legal Reform' story in ZI website and ZI Twitter.
This advocacy effort is part of the ZCK’s overall campaign for "Zonta Says No to Violence". The Write Up & photos have been sent on 26.10.2020 as "Best Practice" example to both Zonta International & District 17 newsletter. Our story on "Urging for Legal Reform" has already been uploaded onto ZI website and ZI Twitter.

3. Production of ZSN materials and Photo Taking at the Business Meeting
To support the "Zonta Says No to Violence" Campaign, a photo taking event was conducted during the Business Meeting on 24.11.2020 which took the form of a hybrid meeting (either in physical or in virtual format ). Members joined the meeting in attire that included batches of orange colour to show support for this advocacy event. With the help of the PR Committee, a "Zonta Says No" banner and buttons were produced for used in the captioned event and the "Zonta Says No Buttons" were also distributed to ZCK members including Golden Z and Z Clubs members.

4. Sponsor Research Proposal from Women’s Coalition of Equal Opportunities
Violence against women is a global concern and updated empirical data in HK is severely lacking for service planning and prevention work. The need for scientific research study on domestic violence & sexual violence in Hong Kong is urgently called for. The Advocacy Committee is pleased to announce that unanimous support from the Board and approval from members at the Business Meeting on 26.1.2021 to sponsor a research project named "Women’s experiences of violence in Hong Kong" by the Women’s Coalition of Equal Opportunities (WCEO). The research will be developed by Dr. Annie CHAN Hau Nung, Associate Professor for Lingnan University. The whole research will take the form of a questionnaire survey to collect responses from 1200 respondents as well as 6 focus group interviews.

After completion, the report will make recommendations for improvement in the policy on combating violence against women & remedies to survivors of domestic & sexual violence; so that Hong Kong Government & relevant government bodies such as Police, Hospital authority, Department of Justice, Social Welfare Department, social welfare organizations & civil society organizations can use the research findings to improve their planning polices & services. The report, when completed, will be sent to relevant government bodies & advisory bodies, members of the Legislative Council, political parties & women groups. A press conference is planned around Women's Day 2022 & representative of Zonta Club will be invited to attend. The role of Zonta Club of Kowloon is both a sponsor & joint advocator.

A check presentation ceremony was held during the Zonta club’s business meeting on 27 February. Seen here from right are Winnie Teoh, Chair of Advocacy Committee of Zonta Club of Kowloon
inviting Cecilia Kuk, President of Zonta Club of Kowloon to present the sponsorship cheque to Sisi Liu, representing the Hong Kong Women’s Coalition on Equal Opportunities.

Members of Zonta Club of Kowloon confirmed their strong support for the ‘Zonta Says No to Violence’ campaign, initiated globally by Zonta International since 2012.

Previous study in 2013 by Hong Kong Women’s Coalition on Equal Opportunities
5. Invite comments from members on the consultation paper on "Sentencing and Related Matters by the Law Reform Commission’s Review"
The ZCK received invitation from the Law Reform Commission to submit comments on their Consultation Paper on “Sentencing & Related Matters in the Review of Sexual Offences” published on 20.11.2020. The Advocacy Committee and the Legal Committee together have jointly summarized members’ views and provide a consolidated reply to the Law Reform Commission on 11/2. We advocate that judges should be provided with powers to make mandatory treatment orders for offenders, and to obtain presentencing psychological or psychiatric assessment reports.

6. We are happy to see that the government has produced a legislative proposal after examining the views received during the public consultations on sexual offences.
  • In the Crimes (Amendment) Bill 2021 of which the first reading was tabled at Legislative Council on March 24, 2021, the offences of Voyeurism, Non-consensual Recording of Intimate Parts and Related Image Publication Offences are proposed in a new section Part XII AA.
  • For offence of voyeurism, contravention will attract a maximum penalty of five years of imprisonment.
  • For non-consensual recording of intimate parts for sexual purpose or for a dishonest gain, there will be a maximum penalty of five years of imprisonment. As per our proposals, both “upskirting” and “down-blousing” are included.
  • The publication of intimate images without consent, & non-consensual recording of intimate images would constitute an offence.
  • Offences of voyeurism or non- consensual recording of intimate parts will be included under the Sexual Conviction Record Check Scheme for the better protection of children and mentally incapacitated persons from sexual abuse.
  • Through the above efforts, the Zonta Club of Kowloon has played a contributing part in urging the Hong Kong Government and the Justice Department to implement necessary legal reforms. With development of media channels and cyberspace, we need to safeguard the privacy and safety of women and girls. The trauma inflicted on victims can be lifelong, and it can crush the victims’ self-esteem forever. Advocating for legal reform on sexual offences is a long journey - it requires continuous efforts step-by-step, month after month, to advance our advocacy goals.

'Tie*Journey' Exhibition

In November 2017, Zonta Club of Kowloon offered Ruby Sponsorship to Les Beatitiudes for its 'Tie*Journey' Exhibition held at UOB Art Space at Regal Airport Hotel from November 2017 to January 2018. The special exhibition demonstrated, through art and craft, how people can support each other on their life journey by simply sharing a necktie. The Exhibition aimed to provide opportunities for women's economic empowerment, vocational education, and exposure to the outside world.

The 1 AM Apps (lst Action Moment) launched by Zonta Club of Kowloon on 8 March 2016 (for more information)

Zonta Club of Kowloon has recently launched the 1 AM (First Action Moment) Mobile Apps application during a press conference scheduled on Zonta Rose Day, 8 March 2016.

The 1 AM is a mobile application that can be freely downloaded from Apps store by clicking https://appsto.re/hk/qqXy7.i on iPhone or Android. It is the first Chinese speaking Apps launched worldwide for the prevention of domestic violence amongst women and girls.

More details >

Zonta Says No

Together with other Zonta Clubs in Hong Kong, Zonta Club of Kowloon has developed a poster to inform victims of violence how to seek help.

Z-moves Multi-Media Art Educational Program

To support the Zonta International’s "Zonta Says No" Campaign to end violence against women, Zonta Club of Kowloon will join hands with the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women (ACSVAW) to co-organize the Z-moves Multi-Media Art Educational Program in 2014. "Z-moves" means "Zonta Moves the World" and we aim to spread the "Zonta Says No" message through arts in order to end gender-based violence.

"Z-moves" is the first program of its kind in Hong Kong : a multi-media art educational program aimed at raising awareness of gender-based violence in Hong Kong. The number of target visitors to "Z-moves" is over 2,500. We will invite artists interested in the topic of gender violence to create artworks to arouse public involvement in the "Zonta says No" Campaign. The artworks will be displayed in the "Z-moves" Arts Festival. We hope that this will provide a new perspective of global sexual violence problem. Hong Kong young director Lai Yan Chi (2013 Hong Kong Spirit Ambassador, 2012 Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award) has been invited to produce a documentary focusing on gender violence problems in Asia, and this documentary will be premiered at the "Z-moves" Arts Festival to draw attention to the issue.

The "Z-moves" Program will collaborate with Zonta’s Golden-Z and Z Clubs to provide free art education activities for local secondary and university students. Through a series of workshops, arts will be used as impactful media to engage the public in open discussion on gender-based violence, with an aim of enabling young girls to learn about the human body through art forms, as well as issues relating to gender equality and gender-based violence. In so doing, our aim is for them to be equipped to defend themselves against violence.

website: http://zontamoves.wix.com/zmoves

Zonta Club of Kowloon Response Paper to the Review of Enhancement of Retirement Protection as proposed by the Commission on Poverty (CoP)

We, Zonta Club of Kowloon is very much a part of Hong Kong and we take an interest in issues that affect our local community. We are committed to being an impactful contributor on issues pertaining to the livelihood of our local community. We agree to the pressing need of enhancing our current retirement protection system. When the Review of Enhancement of Retirement Protection as proposed by the Commission on Poverty was in full swing, we have seized the opportunity by actively voicing our views, concerns and suggestions in our Response Paper.
Say No- Step Out Project
6 Dec 2014

Z Say No Project of Zonta Club of New Territories on 6 December 2014.with Tung Wah CEASE Crisis Centre attended by International Director, Winnie Teoh and Zontians from Zonta Club of Kowloon, including President Julianne Doe, Advocacy committee members Cecilia Yao and Helen Kwan. The project is a preventive educational project on anti- sexual assault for girls with intellectual disabilities- 'SAY NO- STEP OUT'.

10 October 2014

Guests and celebrities joined hands with Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women to support Zonta Club of Kowloon in its commitment in Zonta Says NO campaign to eliminate violence against women at the Opening Cocktail party for Z-moves & Premiere Screening of Bodylodge《身訴》 at Science Museum on 22 October 2014. Bodylodge《身訴》directed by Mo Lai Yan Chi (賴恩慈) records the experience of violence of the survivors in RainLily. The films not only depicts the contradictions and struggles, but also aims at bringing discussions about violence against women, breaking the silence and voicing out concerns.
As violence leads to misery and suffering, Zonta Club of Kowloon further cares the healing in the aftermath of violence which is often difficult for each survivor. Although each survivor’s needs and recovery process are different, Zonta Club of Kowloon encourages survivors to seek help through appropriate ways in which counselling and advocacy might help
Zonta Says No - Tram Ride Event
8 Dec 2013

34 of our Club members and 23 Z Club students joined forces with the Zonta Clubs of Hong Kong, Hong Kong East, Victoria, New Territories and Hong Kong II to further the cause of the "Zonta Says No" campaign to alert the Hong Kong public to the problem of violence against women. Two of Hong Kong's unique trams carried Zontians and Z Club members and families on a three-hour trip around Hong Kong island, where orange balloons, calendars and T-shirts proclaimed our resolve to bring the issue of violence against women to the forefront of attention of the local population. Zontians and Z-Club girls also stationed at various tram stops to hand out souvenirs to raise awareness of this social issue to passers-by. More details >
Rainlily Seminar
23 Nov 2013

Rainlily Seminar on Protection of Sexual Violence Victims in Judicial System was successfully held on 23 November 2013. It was co-organized by Rainlily and Hong Kong Federation of Women Lawyers in response to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Representatives from Social Welfare Department, Department of Justice, the police, and legal sector were invited to be guest speakers. Our Club was proud to be a Supporting Organization to champion the cause against sexual violence against women. Rainlily was set up in November 2000 by the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women as Hong Kong's first one-stop crisis center for female victims of sexual violence.


Zonta Club of Kowloon has joined all other Zonta Clubs in Hong Kong as an supporting organization to the FoodEver WasteNever Project organized by Hong Kong Women Professionals & Entrepreneurs Association in collaboration with HK Productivity Centre. Please see the attached flyers and visit the following link and support & driving a FoodEver and WastNever culture.


FoodEver WasteNever Poster (Eng version)

Programme Introduction (Chinese version)

FoodEver Sectors Flyer (Chinese version)

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